Digital Lenses

There is no doubt that high-definition technology has completely changed the way we view the world. When you think about that old tube TV and how blurry it seems now, there really is no going back! So, what if your eyewear could be designed with the same kind of HD visibility? With new digital lens technology, it’s possible! 

These digital lenses are fabricated with a free-form technology that uses computer-aided surfacing to create highly customized lenses based on digital scans of your eyes. These scans collect data about the intensity of your refractive error and variations in the surface and shape of your eyes, so when the lenses are made, you can be sure they will be tailored to your exact prescription, no matter how strong it is. In addition, if you do already need a strong prescription, you’ll see the greatest difference in clarity! Read on:

Increased clarity

Digital lenses provide substantially increased visual acuity, whether you wear single vision, progressive, or other multifocal lenses. In fact, they’re up to six times more accurate than conventional lenses! The level of precision and customization is what gives you that added high-def clarity.

Wider field-of-view

If you wear progressive lenses, digital lenses will give you a 20% wider field of vision for both intermediate and near distances, thanks to laser technology that etches your exact prescription onto the surface of the lens. You’ll enjoy comfortable computer and reading comfortability because peripheral lens distortion is reduced.

Still not convinced? Digital lenses are also excellent for low-light situations and night driving because they reduce glare and halo effects. And they not only sharpen vision, but increase color contrast as well! 

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